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How do you pay taxes for the 1099 form?
You can wait for your 1099 to arrive and then use it for your taxes, or you can be proactive and bug your employer for your 1099.u00a0 This of course depends upon the relationship you have with the entity sending you the 1099.u00a0 The 1099 is to the self-employed or contractor what the W-2 is to a regularly employed person.u00a0 You should also receive 1099's from the companies where you have investments if you made a profit.u00a0 Wait until you receive all your 1099s before you do your taxes, or you will have to do an amended return.u00a0u00a0 Also, your income from 1099s will be subject to self-employment tax (Social Security and Medicare) as well as income tax.u00a0 People who receive W-2s have already paid this along with a match from their employers (7.65% each) but as a self-employed person, you are required to cover the full amount ( 15.3%).u00a0 If you are using a 1040 form you will use Schedule SE to figure your Self-employment tax.1099s are supposed to be sent out no later than the end of February.
How do I get 1099 tax forms?
Looking for blank Form 1099s?I would suggest using a service like tax1099.com, track1099.com or 1099pro.com to handle 1099 processing at year-end. Everything is handled online and is ten times easier and more accurate than using manual forms.Looking for a Form 1099 from your customer or financial institution?If you are looking to receive your own Form 1099 from a customer or financial institution you would need to call them directly as each company is directly responsible for sending 1099s to vendors on reportable payments.
An independent contractor has failed to give me their address and now that it is time to send out 1099 forms I can't. What do I do?
Better not to make a payment until you get the address of the contractorThe deadline for businesses to send the copy to individual contractors is January 31st of the year following the tax year being reported, while the individuals are required to submit the filled out 1099 forms to the IRS by February 28th. However, if you are using electronic filing, the due dates are later - February 28th and March 31st, respectively.More info: http://bit.ly/2Nkf48f
Why don't the IRS make 1099 forms available online to print out?
Some of the forms are printable.u00a0 The W-2G and IRS Form 8027 can be downloaded and printed.u00a0 u00a0The Social Security Administration came up with a clever way of printing substitute W-2, W-2C, W-3, W-3C forms.u00a0 Software vendors get the form in May/June and can incorporate the substitute forms into their software, then submit those forms to SSA to test that everything is lined up with their scanners.u00a0 So that the data scans in properly.u00a0 The substitute W-2 forms can be printed on plain paper with black ink.u00a0Why doesn't the IRS do this?u00a0 Good question.u00a0 They have moved toward electronic filing and they push efiling over paper filing.u00a0 My guess is they invested a ton of money into the red-ink forms and can't easily switch away from them.u00a0Take alook at the site www.1099fire.com for efiling 1099 forms.
What address does an employer send 1099 forms to?
A 1099-MISC should be mailed to the address of the independent contractor. The business should use the last-known address of the independent contractor. The W-9 that the independent contractor completed and returned the business is one place to start.Each 1099-MISC and should also be sent to the Internal Revenue Service, along with a 1096.Some states require 1099-MISC forms be mailed to them as well.Note that a business sends a 1099-MISC to its independent contractors. An employer should send a W-2 to its employees, not a 1099-MISC (with one rare exception for payments made to a deceased employee).
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