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Why isn't there a place where you can check all the 1099's you are responsiblefor paying taxes on?
The place where you check the 1099s you are responsible for is your own setof records on the income that you earn not what gets reported to the IRS. A 1099 is an information return. It is not required in all cases when incomeis earned. If you are operating as a corporation you wont get a 1099. If theamount of income you receive for services performed is less than 600 youwont get a 1099. But you are still responsible for reporting and paying taxeson that income even if you dont get a 1099. Furthermore 1099s can be wrong or inaccurate they can and often do includeincome that you dont receive in the same tax year in which you performservices. If you dont have your own set of records on the income that youreceive how will you know whether the 1099 you receive is accurate I cant stress this enough to small business owners and operators and yesthat includes those of you who are paid on a 1099. Keep your own set ofrecords The only way that you can guarantee that your income is reportedaccurately to the IRS is if you do it. As for the actual question asked the reason the IRS doesnt make all ofthese records available in one place is that by law see 26 U.S. Code § 6103 Confidentiality and disclosure of returns and return information the IRSis prohibited from disclosing any return or return information that theyreceive in most circumstances and the IRS cannot do so except underextremely limited circumstances unless a taxpayer initiates a request toreceive such information or consents in writing to allow someone else toreceive the information.
What is the proper procedure for paying yourself as the owner of a NevadaS-Corp with a client in California while living in Texas? Is it wrong tobelieve I could pay myself via 1099-MISC and make quarterly tax deposits undermy SSN (not my EIN)?
No you cannot pay yourself as a 1099 independent contractor from your S Corp.You are required to pay yourself W2 wages from your S Corp. Here is what iswrong with your set up.You have a Nevada S Corpso the entity is presumably registered in Nevadaneed to file a Nevada franchise tax return. Good news is Nevada does not havea state income tax.You the shareholder and employee of the S Corp are located in Texas. Your SCorp needs to register as a foreign entity with the state of Texas and payTexas unemployment tax on your wages. More good newsTexas also has no stateincome tax and unless your gross revenue is more than 1M there is nofranchise tax due but you do have to register with Texas and file an annualfranchise return with the state.Your S Corp has a client in Californiaif that client represents more than500K in gross revenue or more than 25 of the S Corp’s revenue then you needto also register the Nevada S Corp as a foreign entity with the state ofCalifornia. Bad newsCalifornia does have a state income tax and an annualincome tax on S Corp earnings plus a minimum annual franchise fee of 800.I suggest you talk to a US tax professional and get you and your S Corp incompliance.
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