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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099-s reporting form 2019-2022

Instructions and Help about 1099-s reporting form 2019-2022

Welcome to the 1099 form instruction course I'm so glad that you decided to join us today I'm just a real little quick bit about me is that I've been an enrolled agent for quite a few years now but I've been in the tax practice about 25 years the fun thing is I get to share my knowledge with you and today one of the things that I know is often needed is more instruction about 1099s and we think oh that's easy but by the time you get through this hopefully you'll pick up something new you haven't learned before this is a three part course keep in mind so we're to be going over right now what it is that we're gonna cover in this course in this part one of it will be talking with a lot more about you know when and how and where to file some of the technicalities and part two we will cover all the details about the 1099 forms and those instructions and three we'll go over some additional information you need to know as well so in this course part one we're going to be talking about a general overview of 1099 reporting with the purpose of you know why in the world we have to do this 1099 reporting thing anyway when to file the 1099 s and there are some you know relatively recent change to those due dates relatively recent being only one year ago and how we file them where to file and who how you even decide who is it this supposed to get a 1099 and luckily some exceptions that exist but then again we've got to understand those exceptions so we have a lot that we're gonna be covering all in the next little bit under an hour so stick with us and we'll see what it is that we can have you learned that you didn't know before so getting right into 1099s and just a general overview of them first of all we can say that there is a tremendous amount of a misunderstanding of the requirements related to 1099 forms and especially as the relate to independent contractors and the past several years they're actually having a variety of new requirements and legislation put into effect and then removed from effect which you know all this back and forth action continues to contribute to who the confusion regarding what those requirements are for individuals for businesses for organizations and that's the the problem with it is it's always changing by the time that everybody catches up to it it's changed again so that's one of the reasons that we've put this information together is to help assist you in forming a better standing of what is required so and this is again just a quick little summary that that we're going to be going over three parts and so that really you have that that basis of understanding.

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